“Something that is loved is never lost.”

– Toni Morrison, Beloved

Grief is highly personal and can be a lonely reality. Once it is experienced with others, however, there is a striking palpable shift. That moment when grief is expressed out loud or with other people is the moment when something locked becomes unlocked. Personal grief becomes collective grief and the deep sorrow and loss become invisible threads that connect our humanity.

Many cultures prioritize community mourning and have rituals that provide support to the bereaved. These practices recognize the importance of coming together to reassure one another and express sadness in a safe gathering. During the pandemic, these opportunities to talk about loss, give and receive comfort, mourn, and care for mourners were suspended. In essence, one’s personal grief experience was also dismissed.

Community remembering honors the person who has died. It brings connection, acknowledgement of loss, acceptance of grief, and allows sadness to flow and be heard.

To honor the loss of life in our community throughout the past difficult year, the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership is providing space through which our community can collectively honor and grieve loved ones who have died throughout the pandemic from any cause. As you know, a death of any kind has meant giving up or limiting funeral services and often not being able to say goodbye.

We invite all of you to join this community memorial, and submit the names of any loved ones whom you have lost, if you have an experience to share.

Memorial Wall

Memorial Wall

We Remember

Wilma Ruth “Billie” Adwell

Desiree Aguiar

Regina Aguiar

Raymond Aguilar

Blanca Alabado

Gilbert Richard Alire, Sr

Manny D. Alvarado

Jesus Alvarez

Juan D. Alvarez

Petra Alvarez

Rosa Gila Amador

Gary Andrews

Mimi Barnard

Manuel Barraza

George Biggs

Amy Blake

John Bodanza

Robert Bogle

Frank A. Bowyer

Dale E. Brown

Cayetano Burruel

Robert Castillo

Sergio Cavazos

John A. Ceballos

Shaun Cerny

Nicole Collins

Roberta Jean Conrad

Yolanda P. Coronado

Gregory Lamont Cottle

Nancy Lou Cuckie

Laura Ann Curtis

Leo Davis

Ramon De La Ossa, Sr.

Sarah Dean

Thomas Dinkins

David Dominguez

Conrado Duarte

David L. Eccleston

Sue Engle

Tyler Engle

Dr. Miguel Enriquez

Wendy Enriquez

Allen Entrekin

Joe Escarcega

Martin Escarcega

Dominic “Dom” Ferrara

Sylvia Foster

Gerald Frederick

Choy Garcia

Esperanza G. Garcia

Miguel D. Garcia

Pat Garcia

Lilly H. Godoy

Patrick Henry Golden

Alicia Gonzalez

Ronald Greenwood

Phil Guest

Allan “Chip” Harrington

Edward D. Harrow Jr.

Rosemary H. Hernandez

Sally Hickok

Charles Micheal Hicks

Austin Hilkemeyer

Bill Hoekelman

Shirley M. Holman

Augie Huerta

Betty Shumate Jennings

Jaden Johnson

Riley Johnson

Michael O. Jones

Jeffrey A. Kagan

Dick Kampa

Dr. Gregory Carter La Chance

Arliss G. Laux

Brenda L. Laux

Lillie Lee

Taisha Lewis

Isidro Lopez

Margarita Lopez

Pancho Frank Luzania

Stephanie MacLean

Nelda H Mankel

Ernie Martan

Lori Martin-Dewitt

Manuel N. Martinez

Concha Lopez Matus

Truman Max Mayes

Michael Eugene McCraw

Thomas “Tommy” Moore

Carol Anne Hoekelman Moore

Griselda Morales

Robert W. Murray

Al Murrieta

James A. Myers

Mark Neal

Stuart K. Nelson

Mary Canez Nogales

 Pete Nogales Sr

Jose Rocha Nomani

Russ Nyman

Dan Offret

Mikel “Billy” Offret

Cindy Palmer

Delisa Patricio

Mike Peterson

Sonya Peyron

Dale W. Porter

Joe F. Ramirez

David G. Redlin

Dick Rehse

Steven Reineke

Glendon Lee Richards, Jr.

Juan Flores Rodriguez

John Rodriguez

John Peru Rodriguez

Clarence “Kenbo” Rose III

Clara Mendoza Salaz

Elaine “Lanie” Salazar

Diane E. Sayre

Nancy Carol Schick

Luis “Nino” Smith

Karen Solano

Gary Spets

Clifford Suchla

Elaine Suchla

Anthony BM Sweezy

Carlos Taylor

William Alexander Tidwell

Brad Titcomb

Gabriel Tovarez

Irma S. Tye

Bruce A. Ullock

Joseph Valencia

James Van Atta

Julie Ann Buchella VanDran

Bernadette Verdugo

Steven Richard Vizzerra

Mary Anne Wieczorek

Marjorie Wilson

Marie Wiser

John Leopoldo Woodward

Billie Young

Bertram J. Zucker

Submit a Name

Submit a Name

We invite you to submit a name of a loved one who passed away from any cause during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.



Start Your Advance Care Plan

End-of-life care planning can be confusing. Our partner Health Current has compiled all of the documents that you’ll need in the State of Arizona to complete your plans. They’ve also added some helpful resources for having the conversation with loved ones as well as legal resources. 

COVID-19 Funeral Assistance

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought overwhelming grief to many families. FEMA is providing financial assistance for COVID-19 related funeral expenses incurred after January 20, 2020.

Community Resources

Our community partners provide personalized assistance with end-of-life care planning, including cultural, religious, and LGBTQ+ considerations, as well as legal assistance:

Arizona End of Life Care Partnership

Arizona End of Life Care Partnership

The Arizona End of Life Care Partnership launched from an idea that originated in a small group of passionate people across social service organizations in Tucson, Arizona to address specific end-of-life care needs in our community.

Most people find it difficult to talk about death. Our mission is to enhance the way we live by fundamentally changing the way we talk about death. Our community partners provide support, services, and education to help you talk about what’s important to you so that you can live well and end well.

To learn more about the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership, visit our website: